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How to mount Golden Eagle to Boda Boda


So the back end frame is robust and a bit non-standard...


Here are some photos


Link to Tons of images on Google

P1100997 P1100996 P1100995 P1100994 P1100993 P1100992

P1110008 P1110007

I am hoping that when the kit gets here on Monday Everything will become clear on how to mount...

For now looks like I will need to kind of thread the big bracket between the frame in a horizontal plane with the axle . The frame member that is parallel to the ground will restrict any pivot up so far as I can tell.


Julis and Den... Any advise for me would be wonderful - I will document to share with you as I go along. Dale

Here is pdf of owners manual:


Bike Motor Kit from Golden Eagle Bicycle Engines 

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