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Bicycle Assist Electric Motor Recommendation


I have had the following assist systems:

ELF Tricycle


Big and easy to see

Will haul a lot of cargo

Electric and peddle 

http://solarelf.com/ In California


elf2 elf1


Two Cycle" 200-mpg Belt Drive GEBE

Advantage is endless range and lots of power

The disadvantage is noise, street legal only (US - not for bike trails.

Direct belt drive - no gearing leverage.

Observation: I had it installed on a two wheel townie and because it was a step through I ended up having to buy a longer throttle cable - so if you go this way make sure you specify a longer cable. 


Hill-Topper Front wheel Conversion

The Advantages

Easy and inexpensive to self-install on your existing bicycle

The Disadvantage

Direct drive - no gearing advantage so if you have a big hill you may have to get off and push it up

Easy to swap out the front wheel.

No throttle, just a switch, either on or off a bit uncomfortable. 

Would not make it up the hill I needed to go up.

Would not recommend this one. 


E-bike from china


Used lead acid batteries


Not a bike conversion so no local support or parts

Rusted in one year





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