Bicycle Assist Electric Motor Recommendation

I have had the following assist systems:

ELF Tricycle


Big and easy to see

Will haul a lot of cargo

Electric and peddle In California   

elf2 elf1


Two Cycle" 200-mpg Belt Drive GEBE

Advantage is endless range and lots of power

The disadvantage is noise, street legal only (US - not for bike trails.

Direct belt drive - no gearing leverage.

Observation: I had it installed on a two wheel townie and because it was a step through I ended up having to buy a longer throttle cable - so if you go this way make sure you specify a longer cable.

Hill-Topper Front wheel Conversion

The Advantages

Easy and inexpensive to self-install on your existing bicycle

The Disadvantage

Direct drive - no gearing advantage so if you have a big hill you may have to get off and push it up

Easy to swap out the front wheel.

No throttle, just a switch, either on or off a bit uncomfortable. 

Would not make it up the hill I needed to go up.

Would not recommend this one.

E-bike from china


Used lead acid batteries


Not a bike conversion so no local support or parts

Rusted in one year





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Tuesday, March 29, 2011 15:26:45

Start by Grinding 14 Ounces of oatmeal (1 minute) in VitaMix into flour place into large bowel

Put these ingredients into VitaMix

11 Eggs 18.5 ounces

1/4 Cup Coco powder (optional)

Cinnamon 1 Tbl (Optional)

12 oz Almond Butter

1 OZ Vanilla

12 oz Dates

1 stick 4 oz butter - Can leave out and add more almond butter

Run at full speed use tamper to move the dates down into the blades Stop when just begins to get warm.

Pour into oatmeal and mix with spoon

Add if desired:

Chopped nuts 5 oz Almonds or any nuts you like

Chocolate chips

Using a small Scoop 1 1/2 oz or tablespoon place on parchment covered cookie sheet

I bake for 20-30 minutes 325 convection or 350 home oven









  • Room temperature 8 eggs
  • about 30 oz blueberries
  • 8 oz quick oatmeal
  • 2 oz puffed rice
  • 2 oz puffed corn
  • 1/2 tbl cream of tarter used with the egg whites to help stiffen
  • 1/2 tbl vanilla

Optional 2 TBS coco

With Your Vitamix

8 egg yokes

9.6oz blueberries defrosted

6 oz Dates (make sure the pits are out) defrosted

6 oz Almonds (soak overnight)

1/2 0z real vanilla

put in vitamix and grind up (if frozen you may push with pusher)

after mixed add 8 oz quick oatmeal

push in to mix

part two

Using you mixer (kitchen aid - or bosche universal)

whip till stiff 8 egg white

Fold in the Vita-mix material

frozen Blueberry 19.2 oz

2 oz Cups puffed rice

2 oz Cups puffed corn

Mix together with large spoon

Dish using 1.5 oz disher

scoop out on parchment paper

makes about 72 or so

bake for 38 minutes AT 350 - rotate at 14 minutes

Remove from cookie sheet to cool

After cool place in freezer

after frozen I bag in 4 per zip top bags ( around 100 calories per 4 cookies)

the travel well in small ice chest

Older Version


11/02 2007


1/2 batch

8 oz Frozen Blueberry thawed

2 oz Dates

1 oz Butter

1/2 oz pure vanilla extract

Mix above in vitamix till smooth

Add 6 eggs

Mix in

then add

6 oz Raw Almonds Soak in distilled water (2 cup container) 8 Hours

Use the plunger to force the almonds into blade

Pour out into large bowl


(Optional 4 Oz Chocolate Chips)

1 Cup Quick Oats

1 1/2 Cups puffed rice

1 1/2 Cups puffed corn

Mix with large spoon

Prepare sheet pan with parchment paper

Dish out with disher to pan - makes about 36 scoops

Cook at 325 ( Convection) 21 minutes (play with time and temp)

8/19/2004 11:08AM Updated 10/31/2004 Cookie Recipe (not sweet but very Chocolate) Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you like sweet and are not concerned with carbs increase the sugar and chips to taste.


16 oz almonds (costco or sams are fine) grind to fine with bosche or other meat type grinder (substitute 16 oz almond butter)

1/4 pound of butter (I use 1/2 cube through the grinder before the almonds and 1/2 after scrape out the butter after- makes cleanup the grinder a bit easier)

16 eggs (yes sixteen) (30 ounces)

1 1/2 cups Hershey's unsweetened coco for baking

1/2 cup fresh ground whole wheat (hard red)

1/2 Cup Brown Sugar

1 oz pure vanilla extract

1/2 tsp baking soda

4 heaping cups of quick oats

16 oz Guittard semi sweet Chocolate chips 900 count

I buy the chips in 25# box from local restaurant supply for about $50.00 they can order from sysco or buy right wholesale 3 day delivery - I just call them they order for me. Best quality - no wax


grind nuts

add butter and nuts and eggs,soda, vanilla, coco & sugar to mixer and run for 8 minutes or so until looks like ganoush, smooth and yummy, add wheat, mix 4 minutes,

Change the paddles for the dough hook ( failure to change over may damage your equipment since this is a very stiff large production) add oatmeal, chips stand for 5 minutes for the oatmeal to soak up some fluids.

I use a Bosch Universal mixer. Order the

Bosch Cookie Paddles for this recipe. You will bend the whips if you use them. Until you have the heavy duty use the whips, then the bread hook.

Peterson's Bosch Kitchen Center , Salt Lake City, UT

801-272-9922 - very nice and fair- will ship

Mix in the oatmeal - let stand 5 minutes to absorb

pre-heat the oven 325 convection ( I bought a small oven 'Wisco 616' on ebay for 100.00 that was used in a convenience store for making cookies, pizza etc)

Any oven will be fine - you will need to experiment with the time and temp. to get your results you want.

add the chips

I prepare parchment paper so the cookies are not cooked on aluminum

I use a small ice cream scoop 25 to 30 per sheet

About 12-14 minutes cooking time

I used to use 30 oz of chips and only 6 eggs, I changed the formula based on my desire to release some unwanted weight.

I have lost 30 pounds since changing the recipe with just a little restraint.



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