Bicycle Assist Electric Motor Recommendation

I have had the following assist systems: ELF Tricycle Advantages Big and easy to see Will haul a lot of cargo Electric and peddle In California      Two Cycle" 200-mpg Belt Drive GEBE Advantage is endless range and lots of power The disadvantage is noise, street legal only (US – not for bike […]

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011 15:26:45 Start by Grinding 14 Ounces of oatmeal (1 minute) in VitaMix into flour place into large bowel Put these ingredients into VitaMix 11 Eggs 18.5 ounces 1/4 Cup Coco powder (optional) Cinnamon 1 Tbl (Optional) 12 oz Almond Butter 1 OZ Vanilla 12 oz Dates 1 stick 4 oz butter […]

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